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Nice to meet you and thank you for coming to my website!

I started playing Jazz piano when I was 20. It was a little late start but, because I never gave up on my dream, I was able to come this far. You too should follow your dream! It's never too late to start something if you just believe in yourself and do your best!

Coming to America gave me the amazing opportunity to come into closer contact with Jazz and find my own playing style.

For me, Jazz piano isn't just music or a lifestyle, it's my life's purpose. With that in mind, I keep striving to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional Jazz pianist.

Through this Website, I wish to connect with people from all around the world. Let's support each other's dreams and do our best!



【I'm currently in Nagoya.】

Events, parties, clubs, hotels, recordings and more! Jazz, Bossa nova and Pop music Performances, among others.
Piano Lessons
Piano Lessons for people of all ages. Piano beginners or Jazz beginners are more than welcome!
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